Statues & Figurines


Bluestone Horse

10" wide x 4" deep x 12" high  $700

Hand carved Han Dynasty style bluestone horse.


Hand Painted Mother Mary

12" wide x 9" deep x 29" high  $240

Hand painted cast resin Virgin Mary with gold painted halo. The builders are brilliant in making a cast to produce her form at low cost, and then skillfully hand painting her to make her look like she's lived in a church for 100 years.

Iron Bull

23" wide x 6" deep x 16" high  $375

Rusted iron bull. This magnificent sculpture is produced from cast iron and is truly impressive to behold. This sculpture would look great in any home.

Iron Horse Head

8" wide x 16" deep x 19" high  $225

This rusted iron horse head sculpture is sure to be a conversation starter.  This piece is perfect for the stylish horse lover.


Ceramic Guinea Hens

Small, approx. 6.5" tall  $150

Large, approx. 8" tall  $165

These adorable hand painted birds fly to us all the way from France! Also available in turquoise and grey, black and grey, and white and grey.


Blue Glass Bird

16" wide x 4" deep x 10" high  $360

Here's a sweet hand carved blue glass bird to brighten up your day!


Petrified Wood Fish

Approximately 24" wide x 4" deep x 8" high  $240

These intriguing hand-carved petrified wood fish are all a little different, so if you're into surprises, this is a great choice!


Hand Carved Statue

Approximately 4" wide x 4" deep x 10" high  $70

Hand-carved wood protective statue.


Balinese Style Wedding Couple

Approximately 5" wide x 5" deep x 14" high  $130

Hand carved reproduction of a traditional Balinese

wedding couple in albizia wood.


Stone Shaolin Monk

Approximately 23" wide x 18" deep x 30" high  $560

Stone Shaolin monk in meditation.