Faux Plants, Fruit, & Vegetables

We only carry pieces that look very real.  These are a fantastic way to bring that natural element into rooms that don't get sun or when keeping up on watering isn't an option.

Echeveria in a Paper Mache Pot

6.5"    $20

Sedum and Berries in a Ceramic Pot

6" around   $45


Cotton Stem

27" tall   $8 per stem


Pink Peony Blossom Stem

20" tall   $18


Faux Pear

5" tall   $7 each



Lavender in Paper Mache Pot

15.5" tall   $30


Faux Apple

3" tall   $7 each



Hen & Chicks Stem

9.5" tall   $4 each


Mini Ranunculus Bush

10.5" tall   $18 each



Blooming Aeonium Stem

11" tall   $4 each


Senecio in a Paper Mache Pot

6.5" tall   $20 each


Lily of the Valley and Ranunculus Bouquet

11" tall   $36 each



White Peony Stem

19" tall   $8 each